Popular Party Kept the Lead in July Poll while Podemos Remained in Third Position

July’s Metroscopia poll for El País, published on Sunday, shows that Popular Party (PP) kept the lead (two consecutive month) with 23.0% of support but down from 24.5% in June.


In the meantime, the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE)’s estimated support reached 22.5%, down from 23.0% in June, but still above Podemos’ score.


As a matter of fact, the left wing party remained in third position with 21.5% estimated votes for the second consecutive time while in the meantime, Ciudadanos’ support rose from 13.5% to 15.0%.


In the coming months, traditional parties seem in better place to benefit from the ongoing recovery in Spain while Podemos is likely to be hit by Greek developments as Syriza’ decisions put the country into deeper recession.