November 18th – Top Stories

1/ US


- U.S. House Democrats clamor for Obamacare fix this wee - Reuters – By Richard Cowan


U.S. House of Representatives Democrats, seething over the botched startup of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, are urging U.S. officials to swiftly help people whose existing insurance policies are being canceled due to Obamacare.
Democrats are facing a potentially difficult House vote on Friday, when Republicans will hold a vote on a bill allowing people to keep their current health insurance plans if they like them, even if those plans do not meet the Affordable Care Act’s minimum standards for coverage.


2/ China


- China Reform Plan Sets Scene for Local Clampdown: Economy - Bloomberg – By Bloomberg News

China’s Communist Party signaled a bigger focus on fiscal concerns during President Xi Jinping’s tenure, setting the scene for a clampdown to control the finances of indebted regional authorities.
Local governments will be able to sell bonds to fund construction and officials will be rated on measures including borrowing levels, the party said Nov. 15. An easing of the one-child policy and extra land rights for farmers also featured in the biggest package of reforms since at least the 1990s.


3/ Eurozone & UK


- Will ECB Break Its Bond-Buying Taboo? - WSJ


For five years, the European Central Bank has resisted calls for it to engage in quantitative easing. Is it time to break this final taboo? Last week’s euro-zone third-quarter gross-domestic-product data offered something for both sides of this increasingly polarized debate.