October 17th – Top Stories

1/ US


- Obama Signs Legislation to End Shutdown, Lift U.S. Debt Cap - Bloomberg – By Michael Shepard

President Barack Obama signed into law a measure ending the 16-day U.S. government shutdown and extending the nation’s borrowing authority until early next year, the White House said today in a statement.


2/ China


- China warns of slowing demand from emerging markets - Reuters

China’s exporters face a difficult time in coming months as demand from emerging markets slows, the Chinese trade ministry warned on Thursday after the latest trade data showed sales to Southeast Asia slowed sharply in September.


3/ Eurozone & UK


- Interest rates may rise next year, says Bank of England chief economist - The Guardian – By Larry Elliot

The Bank of England warned that interest rates might rise as early as next year as its chief economist said Threadneedle Street’s desire to keep borrowing costs low for several years could be thwarted by a combination of stronger than expected growth and unusually weak productivity.