Francois Hollande’s Approval Rating Falls To A Record Low

A YouGov poll for the Huffington Post and i>TELE published today shows that Francois Hollande’s approval rating hits new lows, losing six percentage points in a month with only 15 percent of respondents now backing his actions.


More from Business Standard:


Asked how they judged Hollande’s actions as president three percent of respondents said they had a very positive opinion and 12 percent said it was positive.
Seventy-six percent said they had a rather negative or very negative opinion. Nine percent would not comment.
The downturn follows the exposure of record unemployment, rising taxes and weak growth amid a growing nationwide feeling of despondency due to job cuts and factory closures.


It is very likely that Hollande’s Approval will fall again after a report shows that GDP contracted 0.1% in Q3 and a potential strike of football clubs could lead to discontents.